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My personal approach to teaching music, first and foremost, is that music is a beautiful and magical language that is a gift to learn. Equally true is that it usually takes a lot of work and patience to become fluent in. Whether high with accomplishment or frustrated with a challenging piece, I treat my students warmly and with encouragement and support. (Scroll to the bottom for testimonials from some of my families.)


I offer private voice, piano, and songwriting lessons concentrating on the areas of technique, theory, improvisation, personal expression, enjoyment, as well as progression in general musicianship and ability. Optional/supplemental areas of study I offer are digital recording and music business. Lessons are offered at 30, 45 and 60 minutes in my studio in downtown Providence.





In addition to my work as a singer/songwriter, I have been teaching children, teens and adults for more than ten years in Los Angeles, Boston and Providence. I have taught folks from all walks of life, including kids who are just beginning,  career-oriented singer/songwriters, actors for film roles (Ryan Gosling, Mark Ruffalo), adults who always wanted to sing or play but never did,  and everyone in between. I co-founded an after school songwriting program for underserved youth called MARS Camp, which is now in its fifth year. I am an adjunct artist-in-residence at Trinity Academy For The Performing Arts I have a Bachelor's degree from Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA) and I studied digital recording/production at Musician's Institute (Los Angeles, CA).


For the 2019-2020 academic year, my studio is open September 17 - June 25. Tuition is a comprehensive flat monthly fee that covers your lessons, administration, and recital expenses. Tuition is automatically billed on the last week of the month for the following month through Fons.

Studio closures along with occasional absences have already been considered in the formulation of tuition; therefore, tuition remains the same regardless of the number of lessons or events in any given month.

During the summer, and for certain projects/circumstances, I offer lessons "a la cart". II also offer a sliding scale for students who can not afford the normal rates.  

Tuition is paid in 10 equal installments:

            30 min: $140/month

            45 min: $210/month

            60 min: $270/month

A La Cart lessons are $90/hour

I also offer discounted packages of lessons in packages of 4 and 10.

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"Working with Sara on my voice was truly one of the greatest blessings I've ever stumbled upon. She is a warm, compassionate, caring, extremely talented, and challenging (but also supportive), teacher that helped me discover my chest voice when all I'd ever known (as far as singing goes) was being a light and airy Soprano 1, constantly stuck in my head voice/light mix. She helped me break through my own fears and beliefs of what my voice 'could or could not do' and healthfully stretch my comfort zone into singing confidently in my chest voice. She encouraged me to surrender to my feelings while singing, which helped me enormously to step outside of what I thought my own vocal limitations were. Her ability to discern whether I was 'in or out' of my head while singing was spot on, which challenged me to let go more and throw myself into singing rather than just sit back and watch or listen to myself sing. The inviting and open studio she created for her students along with her nurturing spirit made me feel safe to take risks and be vulnerable enough to truly learn. She is a master at what she does - and listening to her beautiful voice whenever she would demonstrate a vocal technique or sing a line was an added bonus as well as an inspiration. I am sincerely grateful to have found a new voice inside of me, for the magical time I had learning how to use it with Sara, and for the awesome vocal exercises she taught me to continue expanding my range every day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Sara! "

—Anastasia, Providence, RI

Sara is a pleasure to work with. She balances professionalism and high expectations with warmth and flexibility. Beginning piano lessons in adulthood has brought special challenges and she makes lessons fun and challenging, but low-key enough for my busy schedule and lifestyle. Highly recommended!

— Kathryn, Providence, RI

Sara is such an amazing music teacher!! She has been teaching piano to my son for years now. He started from scratch, and has made tons of progress, as Sara has always continued to make the lessons enjoyable, and my son always gets excited about going to piano lessons. Her approach is super-creative, and she really gets to know the student on their level, and uses their interests to make learning fun! Her experience as a teacher and as a musician is obvious, as is her passion for music. I would highly recommend Sara Azriel for any level of music training.

— Patrick, Providence, RI

Sara is a wonderful musician and teacher. She is patient and kind with my son and has ignited a passion in him for various types of genres of music and instruments. She meets him where he is and is fostering in him such an apprecition for music in an organic way. Sara is such a gem and we are very lucky to have found her.

—Liz, Providence, RI

As the parents of 5 children, ranging in ages from 14 to 2 years, we cannot say enough things about how wonderful Sara is, both as a gifted piano teacher and a person. 4 of our 5 children have taken piano lessons from Sara for almost two years and she is continually meeting each child where they are at with their studies at that moment and adjusting to meet their needs and keep their interest growing. She has infinite patience and humor in dealing with the boys every week for two hours. We have recommended Sara to two of our friends who both agree that she is the best. All of us have had previous teachers for our children and feel what she offers surpasses what we have experienced in the past. Any student would be fortunate to have Sara as their teacher.

-- Debbie, Santa Monica, CA

My 15-year old daughter, Quin, has loved making her own music at the piano her whole life. I was afraid a teacher would ruin the ease and spontaneity she felt every time she played .... but now she has Sara in her life. She faces challenges with reading music, writing music, learning complex rhythms, and singing that she embraces because Sara fits everything into a context that is above all else .... MUSIC!!!!!! Even with a demanding academic load at school, Quin is refreshed, renewed, and excited after every lesson. Piano and singing lessons with Sara are the greatest gift I have ever given her ... 

--Nina, Venice, CA

Sara's gentle way and love of children shows through every time she comes to teach. My children clamor to give hugs and wait at the door for her to arrive. Sara definitely fosters a love of learning music and their cache of songs grows by the month . Our family loves Sara.

--The Hollands, Santa Monica, CA

Sara is a wonderful piano teacher. She has been teaching our two young daughters for over three years; they have both made great progress. The most important thing to us is that our girls develop the skills to make music a fundamental part of their lives: that they be able to sit down at a piano twenty years from now and bang out a song -- from memory or improvisation or even sight-reading a piece of music that was just placed in front of them. With Sara's sense of fun, her dedication to technique and theory, and most of all her strong connection to what drew her to the piano as a child, we are confident that they will have a thorough understanding of music which will enrich their lives forever. 

-- Maya, Santa Monica, CA

Sara is a wonderful music teacher who brings warmth and joy to her holistic approach to teaching the piano. Our family loves and appreciates Sara's presence in our home!

--Lynn, Santa Monica, CA