Sara Azriel

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"Sara’s voice is absolutely gorgeous, perfectly tuned and attenuated to whatever mood she so effortlessly evokes." ".....brilliantly highlighting her incredible lyricism and stunning Jeff Buckley-like vocal gymnastics." "..her EP is definitely the work of an artist who has dabbled in a vast array of music, giving her oeuvre a well-rounded sense of tastefully bright musicianship and enough variety to keep the record entirely interesting after multiple listens."
Eric Smith - Providence Monthly

"Sara Azriel’s debut is a testament to her formidable talent and passion as an artist."
Mark Clarkin - Motif Magazine

"Sara Azriel soars on her stunning new EP... Add another incredible voice to the list of exceptional female singer/songwriters here in Rhode Island — Sara Azriel....Her truly dynamic vocals channel both Adele and Sarah McLachlan"
Chris Conti - The Providence Phoenix

"Sara has the ability to whisper and belt out her songs in a very powerful way. There are glimpses of soul, torch and folk stylings in her voice with a very lilting quality"
Muskegon Chronicle

"Sara is an angel, an exception to the rule, with a voice that can raise the most hardened soul to exhalt, because it conveys all that she is, and feels good to all of us."
Brad Barr - The Barr Brothers

If Sarah Mclachlan and Adele had a baby it would be Sara Azriel.  She combines soaring etherealism with warmth and soulfulness in a style all her own.  

China Forbes - Pink Martini